20 Ketogenic Foods to Include in Diet Plan That Use Fat for Fuel

By | June 21, 2019

ketogenic foods to use fat for fuel

If you are a health enthusiast and have been looking for an assured way to have a safe and reliable weight loss, then you would have heard of the ketogenic diet which is also known as the Keto diet for short. The keto diet is a new buzzword that is gaining immense popularity among the users who are willing to lose weight quickly without actually damaging their body and health.

However, like any other diet plan that actually works, there is always two groups of people, one that supports the diet, and the other one is that which is not satisfied by the way the diet work, the keto diet has also fans and critics. But believe us guys, if you are really willing to shred the extra kilos, the ketogenic diet can be a great solution for you. So, try your hands on it, and experience the difference all by yourself.

In this article, we are going to talk about the 20 ketogenic foods that will help you maintain the diet without enhancing the body weight. So, make sure to go through the list if you were after a list of food items that can keep you full for the day without adding up to the weight. Adding up these ingredients to your diet can help you achieve the results faster without any feeling of being dull or less active than before. So, let’s jump straight to the list before anything else.

Citric foods like lemons


Almost all of the citric food items contain the high amount of citric acid and have anti-inflammatory properties that not only helps you feel energetic throughout the day but also stabilizes the loss of sugar levels in the body if you are taking a relatively lesser amount of sugar in your diet. Along with this, the limes or lemons also provide the body a perfect to release the toxins from the body. So, make sure to add lime juice, or lemon to your diet to get the great results.



For the users who were searching for a tasty fruit that has great taste and texture along with a high amount of good fat for the body, Avocado will be a perfect addition to the Keto diet. Include this amazing fruit as a topping in your salad, or eat it naturally, this is going to be a perfect choice for the Keto diet lovers.



Herbs are something that is always considered as healthy for humans. Regardless of the diet, you are following, you can easily add your favorite herbs to the diet without actually disturbing the overall results. Different types of the herbs have different effects on the human body, and if you are not aware of them, you can consult the dietician about which herbs will be good for you and also about the quantity of the particular herb that you should take during the day.

Dry fruits like almond and walnuts


Dry fruits have been a great source of protein and fat that is an essential part of the ketogenic diet. Another great thing about dry fruits is the number of ways they can be included in your diet. So, whether you like to add them to salad, or as a top-up, or willing to eat them as a whole, adding them to the diet will be a great decision that will also keep you full for a longer time.



Seafood like fishes and crabs have a high amount of healthy Omega 3 fatty acids that not only helps you have great health but also is a great choice for those who are following the ketogenic diet as they also provide you a good amount of protein without eating too much. So, for the healthy protein and fat, you can completely rely on the seafood.

Low Carb Veggies


The veggies must be taken care of if you are following a low card ketogenic diet. By choosing the low carb vegetables in your diet, you won’t only achieve great health but will also get the required amount of minerals, fibers, and antioxidants.

Coconut oil


Coconut oil has extremely high-fat content that makes this an ideal choice for the users who are following the ketogenic diet to live a healthier life. With a unique taste and high protein and fat values, this is a great choice for the keto followers.



Mushroom is a great choice who are under the low fat keto diet. With great taste and a number of ways to be added in a meal, the mushroom has great protein and calorie value and thus is a great choice for the keto followers.

Cheddar Cheese


Cheddar cheese is one of the best ways to increase your fat intake. The cheddar cheese is considered as a high fat provider than the feta cheese and other types of cheese. Also, it tastes heavenly. So, don’t restrict yourself to eat this amazingly tasty cheese in your meal.



Spinach is a super veggie and you will agree with us, that regardless of the diet you are following the high protein value of the spinach and low carb values make it a perfect option for the users who are looking for an ideal vegetable for the keto meal.

Clarified butter


Along with the high-fat presence, the clarified butter or ghee has numerous other great ingredients like the Vitamin A, E and vitamin D. So, if you were looking for a perfect fat to include in the diet, the ghee would be an ideal choice for you.

Olive oil


Olive oil’s healthy fat and rich calorie values make it an ideal oil for the keto followers. The mono saturated fats and vitamin E make the Olive oil a great choice for those users who under diet and want to have healthy oil with great effects on the human body.


Asparagus is another brilliant low carb veggie that you can help achieve great health benefits. Along with the zero fat, the Asparagus has a compound named as Glutathione that can help the immune system to fight with cancer. So, for all the keto diet followers who are looking for a healthy low carb veggie, Asparagus is a great choice.



Berries are another important addition to the keto diet. With the high protein value and taste, these are an ideal choice for those keto followers who are looking for some variety in their meal.



Eggs are a great source of protein and healthy fats. Along with this, the wide range of micro nutrients present in the eggs makes it perfect keto diet meal for the users. You can include eggs in almost any form, be it boiled, scrambled, or fried. They are a great way to achieve great health.



Spirulina is another super food that is rich in protein. Along with this, it helps the immune system to grow strong and help you fight with severe diseases. It is a great addition to your daily meal, and you can consult your dietician about the quantity of the spirulina you need in a day.

Dark Chocolate


Dark chocolate not is great for skin but also has high levels of flavanols, copper, iron, and protein. So, having a bar of dark chocolate will definitely help you get the desired results more quickly.

Unsweetened Coffee


Coffee is an integral part of many users who follows the ketogenic or any other diet. The amount of caffeine provides you enough energy to go through the day. Just make sure that you don’t add milk or sugar to it to get the best health benefits.

Brussels Sprouts


With high levels of Vitamin C, phosphorus and Vitamin K, Brussels Sprouts are a perfect addition to your salads. Also, they will help you feel full for longer hours that will make your body burn fat more effectively.

Coconut Yogurt


Coconut milk is high in fat and by including the coconut yogurt in salads and the daily meal will help you enough necessary fat to keep you up throughout the day.

So, these were the 20 food items that you can add into your daily diet without conflicting with your diet plan. You can also refer to BMI Chart to check out if your body mass index is alright or not. Also you can use our online bmi calculator to calculate your body mass index. Just be sure to eat healthily and have good quality food items to get assured of having a healthy weight loss.  Follow the guidelines proposed by the dietician properly and you will soon get a perfect body that you were planning to get for years.

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