7 All Time Best Leg Exercises That You Don’t Want to Miss

By | August 16, 2018

best work out for legs

Well, if you are looking for a great physique, particular attention needs to be paid to your legs. It is your legs that are the centre in everything you do. Your entire physical workout will go for a toss if you do not have enough strength and muscles in your leg.

Most of the leg exercises tend to scare people as they require a lot of strength and energy. However, it is important to understand that leg exercises are really important and you simply cannot make the mistake of ignoring them. In this light, let us see some of the best leg exercises that are highly recommended:

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7. Leg Press:

One of the best exercises for your leg is the leg press. In this exercise, you will have to keep your legs on a leg press machine with some distance in the two foot involved. You can adjust the weights as much as you can handle and then you have to apply some force to life the leg press machine ensuring that the leg is extended as much as you can you need to push the machine with the help of the heels mainly. Post that, bring the machine down and repeat the procedure. You need to be really careful while doing this particular exercise because it can lead to back pain on the lower region of the back area.

high bar and low bar

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6. High Bar and Low Bar Squats:

When you do squats with the help of a high and a low bar, the leg muscles get exercised to the maximum possible extent. They not only help you work out all the lower body parts but are in fact, known to improve the release of the muscle building hormone to a great extent.Before you go for the regular leg curls exercises, you should actually get into squats and the combination will go a great deal in shaping up the muscles of your body.

front squat

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5. Front Squat:

Another type of squat that does well in shaping up your legs and making your leg muscles powerful is the front squat. When you think of doing this exercise, do make sure you have enough strength in your upper back portion as well. Besides, remember that the front squats should be done at the very beginning of starting the exercise. This is important as this exercise requires the maximum amount of energy. The barbell for performing this particular exercise should be held just in the front rack. Be really careful while performing the front squats.

standing calf raise

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4. Standing Calf Raise:

This is amongst the easier exercises that you have for attaining best toned muscles. You have a calf raise machine and you need to first adjust the same as per your height. The shoulders should be under the pad provided. The feet should be placed on the calf machine in such a way that the heels are not over the machine and only the palms are kept on the machine. Post the position has been adjusted, you can raise your heels as you try to breathe out. You need to keep your heels still at all times during this particular practice. While you are trying to get back to the position from where you began, you need to slowly breathe in. this should be repeated 10-15 times in seach set. 3 sets are recommended for best results. You might also like to check out if doing exercise only helps you to stay in healthy for maintaining your body mass index.

Snatch and Power Clean

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3. Snatch and Power Clean:

If you want to improve the strength of the body along improving the toning of the legs, this is perhaps one of the best and most recommended exercises on the list. This exercise will help you improve the way you perform the much-needed squats thereby in turn, helping you get the desired results for the legs and its muscles. You have to concentrate to the maximum possible extent while performing this particular exercise. If not, you might end up really hurting yourself. Both the technique and the body position need to be really worked upon for this exercise. This can also be the fist exercise that you perform while you hit the gym.

hip thrust

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2. Hip Thrust:

The hip thrust is one of the best exercises which helps to improve your strength and power. In this exercise, you tend to test the power of the glutes which helps us in the movement of the hips and also enables the pulling of the legs. In order to perform this exercise, you need to ensure that you have a bench and a barbell handy at your place. You have to keep the barbell on the lap towards the upper portion of the thigh and then try to do the recommended repetitions.you, however need to be really careful when you are performing this particular exercise.

seated calf raise

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1. Seated Calf Raise:

This has to be performed with the help of a machine like most of the other exercises. All you need to do is sit on the machine and the toes should be placed on the platform. The thighs should be kept on the pad and you can also take the support of your hand for the purpose. The heels need to used to push the lever of the machine out and the safety bar is to be released. The heels are then to be lowered by bending the ankles until you can completely stretch your calves. You should ideally be able to breathe in as you perform this exercise. Now, finally as the calves are contracted, you can raise your heels and try to breathe out while doing so. The contraction should be held in the position for some time at least.

Thus, if you really want to tone your legs, do consider performing some of the above-mentioned exercises to get the desired results.

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