7 Exercises That Can Get You 6 Packs In Few Weeks

By | March 7, 2019

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Well, who does not get attracted by a body which is muscular and has six-pack abs? I guess each one of us do. The body with a six-pack ab is always attractive and that is why people are crazy to get it. However, it is not very easy to get such body. You really have to work hard and sweat it out at the gym. Let us see some of the best exercises that can help you get a six-pack ab.

1. Pullups:

One of the best exercises to get a six-pack ab is the pull-out exercises. For this exercise, what you need to do is take a bar meant for the pullup. The length of the bar should be a little wide as compared to your shoulders. Post that, you should bend your legs behind, your butt should be squeezed, the blades should be pulled down, and then you should try pulling hard till you reach a point where the collarbone has touched the bar. When done correctly, the pullups is one of the best. You should ideally make as many repetitions as you can and should do at least 3 sets.

2. Seated Leg Tucks:

Another great exercise for getting the perfect six-pack is the Seated Leg Tuck. You would need a bench for this purpose. All you need to do is sit crosswise on it and take the support of both your hands. You need to pull up legs up and the knees should be bent just slightly. Then, in that position you have to bend backward a little. After that, a v-shaped posture has to be taken where your knees are towards your head, and the back is a little rounded up. You can repeat it for best results.

3. Ab-Crunch Machine:

Well, one of the best exercises for getting a six pack is undoubtedly what you do on a ab-crunch machine. All you need is an ab crunch machine which has a handle and two leg spaces where the legs can be rested. When you are doing this exercise, it is imperative for you to understand that you need to squeeze your rib cage and you have to make sure that there is a contraction that is felt in the abdominal area of your body.

4. Pallof Press:

There is a handle that is attached to the cross machine that is often spotted in almost all the gyms these days. The pulley of the handle should be attached in such a way that it is able to reach your chest area. Post that, you should make sure to stand a few feet away from the cross machine where the handle has been fixed. The handle should then be pulled towards your chest area. You should make these repetitions on each side-left and right. Ideally there should be 10 repetitions on each side for each set and you should target to complete 4 sets every time you perform the Pallof Press exercise.

5. Exercise Ball Pull-In:

This is one of the most common exercises that you will witness people doing at the gym. Not only does it help to tone your body, but this particular exercise is really recommended for all those who would like to have that perfect six pack abs. there is a stability ball and you should lie on the same with your stomach facing downwards. After you have adjusted this position of yours, part of the body needs to be on the ball itself and then work towards straightening your legs completely. A lot of work from the abdominal muscles is required in this case and it is with the help of these muscles itself that you bring your knees in an upward direction. Post that, the position needs to be maintained for a few seconds until you can come back to your original position on top of the stability ball where your leg is completely straight.

6. JackKnife Sit-Up:

This is another great exercise that will help you get the abs as you desire. You should take a ball and a mat. The ball is to be kept between the hands and the feet. The knees are to be bent very little and then you should try to lift your legs up. Being in this position, you should hold the ball with the help of your hands. This exercise has to be correctly done. If you do it adequately, you will be able to develop inter costals and external obliques to a great extent.

7. Ball Slam:

Like the above exercise, this workout too requires a medicinal ball at your disposal. It might sound easy but actually it is as difficult as some of the other exercises that have been mentioned on this list. What you do is that, you pick up a ball which is really heavy. When you do it, the front part of your body is completely worked out. Post that, the medicinal ball needs to be slammed on the floor with great force. While the same is being done, you should be very careful about the position.  The core of your body should be adequately worked out while you perform this particular exercise. When the ball is held, and you are about to throw it on the floor, your body posture should be upright completely. You can repeat this in 3 sets with each set comprising of around 20 to 25 repetitions.

Thus, the above are some of the best exercises that you can find if you are someone who is looking towards developing that perfect six-pack abs. However, some of these exercises can be really difficult and can have an impact on different parts of your body. Perfect body means perfect body mass index which is perfect to live healthy. So, you should ideally do it under the guidance of an expert until you yourself become one!

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