10 Surprising Benefits of Walking You Must Definately Know About

By | August 16, 2018

benifits of walking

The person or an individual, who is physically sound, is not called as a healthy person then, who is likely to be called as a healthy person? The person who is completely fine in the arena of physical health, mental health and social well being is called as a healthy person. From our childhood we have heard, health is the biggest wealth we have. An unhealthy person is the saddest person in the world.

The richest person in the world can afford all comfort and all luxuries but what if the person is not keeping well, the luxuries are all vague. A good health is directly proportional to a good environment. There are different factors which can determine a healthy living lifestyle, eating habits, cleanliness in the surrounding etc. Keeping ourselves fit, we consult different gym trainers, go on diet, and eat sugarless or boiled foods. But we miss a very important part of our day to day life that is Morning or evening walk.

It is a no-brainer morning walk or walking as an exercise is more effective than any supplement or any other diet.

Some people find it very hard to wake up early in the morning and get ready for a short morning walk. During the morning walk, we can plan our whole day. It is a natural form of exercise which not only a good workout but also provides us with a good amount of oxygen, which is rarely found in the later part of the days. It calms our mind and soul.

There are several techniques which will help you in a fruitful walk in the morning:

  • Make sure while walking your head is straight and you are not looking to the floor space or ground.
  • Don’t stiff your body, make your muscle relax and you are arms and shoulders are set free.
  • Get a proper walking shoe; make sure that you are comfortable while walking.
  • Choose road which is having fewer turns, minimum potholes so that walking becomes easy
  • At first don’t speed up the walk, make your body calm and have some warm-up constraint.
  • After finishing the walk, make your body calm and make it cool.
  • It is very important to practice stretching exercises after your body is cooled.
  • Never vary your routine, stick to it for an effective desired result.

walking for health

10 Surprising Benifits of Walking You Must Know:

1. Enrich your blood circulation and pump the lungs: A pureblood is highly essential for the body, good flow of blood pumps our lungs and makes it healthier. Early morning walk makes your body accumulate fresh and purest form of Oxygen. The early morning air is free from dirt and pollution this synthesizes and gets our body the most dirt free breathing process.

2. Stable Mind and devoid of mental stress or depression: Early morning walk and getting up early doesn’t make our mind carry any burden. The freshness of the air, the humming of birds, the smell of soil, and the noise of animals: makes us more energetic and give us a feeling of calmness. With a stable and calm mind we get more energetic and we only attract positive vibes.

3. Beneficial for Arthritis person or patient: The person suffering from joint pains, knee ache, backache or any other pain related to the body rather opting for several pills, medication and consulting doctor must make a habit of morning walk according to the self-needed pace. The morning walks makes a flexible movement of joints. It may be painful at first but it provides long-term benefits to the patient.

4. Beneficial for blood pressure patient: Nowadays’ every home has one or two blood pressure patients. We always take the precaution of making them free from tension, providing them on time medication. But we should rather encourage them to at least go for a morning walk daily. This will maintain the blood pressure level.

5. Reducing Weight: Walking helps in burning the fat and calories. It churns down the fats accumulated by the body and helps in losing weight and keeps you fit and fine. It also helps in maintaining the BMI (Body Mass Index).

6. It lowers the risk of diabetics: Diabetics can be inherited or acquired. Diabetics are the father of all other diseases and controlling it from the edge can save you from lots of medication, prescription and you can eat sweet dishes, if only if your habit of morning walk daily. Most importantly morning walk can prevent you from taking insulin.

7. Morning walk helps in controlling the cholesterol: Cholesterol again is a magnified disease. It is caused when we eat more amount of oily and unhealthy food. The fat gets mixed up with the body constraint and causes cholesterol and aids towards dark circles. The morning walk can help in maintaining the cholesterol level.

8. It tones the body muscles: Everyone likes a toned body, but we are not ready for hard work like getting up early in the morning and go for a short morning walk.

9. Morning walk reduces fatigue: Morning walk pumps up the energy level and helps in reducing the fatigue.

10. Morning walk rejuvenates the glowing of the skin: We use the variety of beauty products or opt for various beauty therapies for making our skin seamless and glowing skin and waste a lot and lots of sum or the huge amount of money in purchasing beauty products or buying beauty services. Without opting for various therapies you can practice morning walk on daily basis.

Making morning walk a daily habit, will never make you waste your time rather it is a long-term investment. It makes you lead a healthy life. Yes, only morning walk will not only make the life easy but with morning walk you need to maintain a healthy and proper diet. You must follow a streamline of lifestyle and be consistent in it.

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