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Biggest Myths About Eating Fat

Dietary fat and cholesterol are some of the most talked about topics in the world of nutrition. Each and every individual wants to lead a healthy life and stay away from anything and everything that has the capacity of making them obese. In this, they tend to forget and ignore the health aspect of it. As such, people… Read More »

What is a Healthy BMI?

All of us want to be healthy. While a few experts consider your weight in proportion to your height to be the ideal way of determining whether or not you are healthy, there are other experts who take a lot of other factors into consideration to decide the same. In this particular article, we shall understand more about… Read More »

Stay Fit with Apps – Top 5 Best Fitness Apps for iOS Users

Fitness apps and fitness devices are now becoming a prominent part of life. They can help you in maintaining an active lifestyle and with this active lifestyle, you can easily keep diseases like Diabetes at bay. If you own an iPhone then you must have a Health App on the device which serves the purpose of a fitness… Read More »

Does Drinking Hot Water Help You Lose Weight?

Tired of trying various means of losing weight and still not getting the desired results? Well, this is the story for most of us. We are always in the lookout of losing weight. Hence, we try various ways of achieving the perfect body that we might have always desired for. One is to drink hot water. Although drinking… Read More »

Top 5 Alternatives to Body Mass Index

BMI, also known as Body Mass Index is the main measure used to find if you are overweight or if you need to gain a weight. You can calculate your Body Mass Index using various calculators online or you can use a simple height weight chart to calculate your BMI. Once you have the reading, you can map… Read More »

7 All Time Best Leg Exercises That You Don’t Want to Miss

Well, if you are looking for a great physique, particular attention needs to be paid to your legs. It is your legs that are the centre in everything you do. Your entire physical workout will go for a toss if you do not have enough strength and muscles in your leg. Most of the leg exercises tend to… Read More »

Does Exercise Really Help You Lose Weight?

Who does not want to get rid of the extra calories from the body? Well, all of us do. Don’t we? Most of us hit the gym and exercise religiously. Yet, while a few can reap benefits from their efforts the others do not get impacted inspite of their hard work. Why is it so? Does exercise not… Read More »