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Does Drinking Hot Water Help You Lose Weight?

Tired of trying various means of losing weight and still not getting the desired results? Well, this is the story for most of us. We are always in the lookout of losing weight. Hence, we try various ways of achieving the perfect body that we might have always desired for. One is to drink hot water. Although drinking… Read More »

Does Exercise Really Help You Lose Weight?

Who does not want to get rid of the extra calories from the body? Well, all of us do. Don’t we? Most of us hit the gym and exercise religiously. Yet, while a few can reap benefits from their efforts the others do not get impacted inspite of their hard work. Why is it so? Does exercise not… Read More »

11 Crazy Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy without Gym

Staying fit is one of the most important things if you want to enjoy a healthy life. Most of the people belief that going to the gym and getting into a rigorous exercise regime is the only way of staying fit. However, this is a misconception and you can easily stay fit by including some habits in your… Read More »

BMI Chart

fig: BMI Table / BMI Chart BMI Chart along with height and weight is available above which you can reference yourself to measure how perfect your body is. The campaign for a healthy living seems to have achieved its objective. With the risks associated with being underweight, overweight and obese known, people are on the lookout for their… Read More »