Does Exercise Really Help You Lose Weight?

By | August 15, 2018

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Who does not want to get rid of the extra calories from the body? Well, all of us do. Don’t we? Most of us hit the gym and exercise religiously. Yet, while a few can reap benefits from their efforts the others do not get impacted inspite of their hard work. Why is it so? Does exercise not help you in losing weight? As we all know to keep our body slim and feet for maintaining perfect BMI we get suggestions from our friends and family for a proper workout daily. Let’s get in and discuss today does exercise really helps us to lose weight:

Ways in Which Exercise Helps You Lose Weight:

  • Well, when you exercise, you tend to feel a lot more positive in life. Hence, the instances when you are really sad and to overcome the same you tend to eat a lot are really less. This is one of the more significant ways in which exercise helps you lose weight.
  • When you work hard and get into continuous mode of exercising, it is often observed that your eating habits also tend to become better over a period of time. This, in turn helps to lose weight to a great extent.
  • Loosing weight is nothing but burning more than calories than what you take in. when you exercise on a regular basis, the calories are burnt. Not only that, calories continue to burn for some time even after the exercise regime is over, in this way, you tend to lose all those extra calories that you might have accumulated.
  • When you exercise regularly, the muscles tend to tone up and you end up losing both the calories and the muscles. Hence, with exercise metabolism taken an improvement and that is how you tend to lose weight and the excess fat.
  • Exercise is considered to be one of the best media with which you can reduce the fat in your abdominal area easily. Cortisol is the hormone that is mainly responsible for the production of ab fat in our bodies. When the same is reduced through exercise, abs tend to get back in shape. This, in turn, helps to lose weight.
  • When you are into exercising on a regular basis, you will observe that you will love to have fun. This will, in turn, ensure that you taken on more and more adventurous activities. Any type of physical activity that you indulge in goes a long way in ensuring that you shed all the extra fat that have been accumulated in your body and you end up losing weight.
  • Similar to the above point, when you are into an exercise routine on a regular basis, you shall notice that your energy levels are really high. Because of this, you shall indulge in a lot of physical activities and metabolism tends to improve.
  • There are instances and proven scientific reasons that with regular exercise, the amount of hunger that you feel is reduced when compared to the normal levels. This, in turn, goes a long way in ensuring that your weight is closely monitored and over a period of time you will definitely end up losing weight.

weight lossReasons Why You Won’t Lose Weight If You Exercise?

Having seen the above ways in which exercise helps you in losing weight, let us understand the other side of the story as well. Some expert’s belief that you will not lose weight if you exercise. Let us see why:

When you exercise, you burn calories. As a result, few people tend to feel really hungry if you exercise to a great extent. This means that whatever calories you must have burnt through exercising, you will end up gaining the double of that when you eat. There are other theories too. Some belief that you cannot lose weight just by exercising alone. You need to combine it with your diet as well. Most of the people are into regular exercising but they are not able to control their diet. These are those who do not benefit from exercising. Besides, the type of exercise that you do also goes a long way in helping to understand whether the same will help you in losing weight or not. No doubt running, cycling, treadmill and others are important exercises, however you have to combine the above with some amount of weight training so that you can benefit from exercising and end up losing weight. It is always recommended to check your body mass index or follow bmi chart to check if your body is really in good health condition.


If you really want to lose weight by exercising regularly, you need to be careful about the following things. Remember the following and then get into a exercise regime:

  • Just before and after your exercise regime, avoid eating high-calories snack. Your entire effort at the gym will go for a toss if you continue to eat high calorie snacks in this manner.
  • If you are into doing strength training, you need to ensure that the weights that you are using for this particular purpose is not very light. Strength training goes a long way in helping you burn calories. This has to be done really carefully.
  • A cardio workout has to be really intense for you to benefit from the same. Sometimes when it is not intense, you simply end up working hard and do not get any benefit whatsoever from the workout. Hence, if you really want to lose weight, you need to ensure that the cardio exercises are such that it is helping you in achieving your aim.
  • Besides, it is advisable that you take up variety in your exercise regimen instead of just sticking to one form of exercise every day. This is important not only to save you from being bored but this will really help you in losing weight.


Thus, as is clear from the above article, exercise is really important to help you shed all those extra calories. Having said that, it is imperative that you do the right type of exercise and also combine your exercise regime with a proper diet plan. You can also check out out post about 11 Ways to stay fit and healthy without going Gym here.

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