5 At Home Workouts for Men and Women to Burn Calories

By | September 6, 2018

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Most of us have a hectic day and in such a case, it can be difficult to find the time for visiting the gym or park for a workout. The good news is that you can opt for a home workout and this is as effective as working out in the gym if you know the right type of workout. The degree of home workout routine can vary largely and that is dependent on the resources available to you. From having just a workout mat to having a gym kit, the workout schedule can vary but a lot of people these days prefer body weight workouts.

You must have a workout plan for yourself if you plan to start a home workout routine. In addition to this, the discipline is really mandatory and you need to have a strong will power so that you do not skip a single day of workout. This way, you will stay motivated. Along with the home workout schedule, having a proper diet may help you in staying motivated. The combination of two can help you in getting quick results and there is nothing that can motivate you as much as results.You can also check out our earlier post on how to stay fit and healthy without gym.

So, let us now have a look at some of the home workout routines which you can follow to stay fit or to meet your fitness goals.

Top 5 Home Workout Routines to Burn Calories

5. Stretching:


If you are already having an ideal weight and if you do not want to be a part of a heavy workout then you can simply opt for stretching along with the cardio. This is quite an easy exercise and you can download an app to check various stretching exercise that you can perform. Remember to have the right posture and combine your workout with the cardio. Keep a schedule of 30 minutes to 45 minutes on daily basis and you will immune yourself from the diseases like cholesterol, diabetes and many other lifestyle diseases that people suffer because of lack of physical activities. If you have an open park in your locality then it can prove to be really beneficial for your health.

4. Yoga:


Next on our list is Yoga. The benefits of yoga are certainly known to you. Apart from increasing flexibility, Yoga can also boost up your immune system and physical health. It is also beneficial for people suffering from respiratory diseases and other such issues. The main advantage of Yoga is that it would not exert a lot of pressure on your body and yet it will help you in reaching your fitness goal. Lastly, you must remember that Yoga is all about correct postures and procedures. If you are doubtful about the Yoga posture then you can download any type of app on your phone which can help you in getting the right posture.

3. Upper Body – Lower Body – Abs:


Another type of home workout schedule that you might want to follow is the one mentioned here. In this workout schedule, you work on your upper body parts on day 1, on day 2, you work on your lower body parts and on day 3, you perform abs related workout. This schedule is again repeated and then you have a rest day. Depending on your stamina and your fitness goal, you can allocate time for your workout. In addition to this, you can also buy a set of dumbbells to assist your workout. Having a resistance tube can also be of great help during any type of workout.

Remember to have a correct posture or else you can end up injuring yourself. Apps and videos available on the web can again be of great help. In addition to this, have Sunday as your rest day so that you can recover from all the fatigue

2. Push – Pull – Abs:


This is again a popular schedule that people like to follow. In this type of workout, having a resistance band and a resistance tube can prove to be really helpful during the workout. So this workout routine is also divided in three different days. On Day 1, you must involve in Pull activities like Pull-Ups, Cent over Row, Cable Row, Pull-Ups and Pull Downs. On Day 2, you must proceed with activities that require Push Motion. These Push motion activities include Push Ups, Squats and other such activities. On day 3, you can proceed with the abs workout. This type of workout should ideally be performed in a Gym because you have all the different equipment but a lot of people opt for such kind of schedule even at home. A simple resistance tube can help you in performing most of the workout which you may perform in the gym.

1. Home Gym Kit: This is the last type of home workout and it requires a little initial expense. To begin with, you can order a home gym kit or you can purchase it from the offline stores. These gym kits are quite affordable and you get a set of dumbbells along with additional weights, straight rods and curl rods. Couple it with a yoga mat and you can perform any type of workout with help of these kits. You will never feel the need of visiting the gym if you opt for such a gym kit at your home. These are a really effective way to exercise for the people who love to workout but who do not have time to visit the gym.

These are the 5 Workout Routines and you can combine these workouts with the cardio. Now, you do not need a treadmill or a cross-trainer at your home for cardio. You can opt for skipping rope or jumping for the cardio and warmup. This will not only help you in burning extra calories but it will also help you in speeding up the weight loss and having a high endurance. You can also keep track of your body weight using one of the best fitness apps for your android mobile.

Workout plan would differ from one person to another depending on the body type, medical conditions and fitness goal. This is why we have not listed a specific workout plan but we have listed the type of workout plans for you. Opt for the one which appeals you, set your targets and smash them hard.

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