Biggest Myths About Eating Fat

By | September 20, 2018


Dietary fat and cholesterol are some of the most talked about topics in the world of nutrition. Each and every individual wants to lead a healthy life and stay away from anything and everything that has the capacity of making them obese. In this, they tend to forget and ignore the health aspect of it. As such, people tend to belief in a lot of myths that might not be true. The following article points out some of the biggest myths about eating fat

1.Eating Any Amount of Fat Will Make You Fat:

There is a common misconception among a lot of people that if you eat fat, be it any quantity, you will become really fat. However, the same might not be true. If you are eating food that contains fat, you should only be careful enough to eat the food item within the recommended levels. Else, you will end up gaining weight that will increase your Body mass index (BMI). You may want to read about What is a Healthy BMI ?

2. Fat Has No Purpose in Your Body:

Another myth which people belief as true is the fact that all kinds of fat are waste and that it does not have any purpose whatsoever in your body. However, the same might not be true. Some amount of fat is needed by one and all. Some important functions that are performed by fats in the body include regulation of the body temperature, production of hormones, healthy hair and nail growth, healthy skin, etc.

3. High fat Food Will Result in Increasing Cholesterol:

Fats can be of different types-saturated, poly-unsaturated, amongst others. If you have food rich in saturated fats, there are chances that the cholesterol levels of your body will increase. However, if you are someone who can take adequate care and eat foods that are rich in other types of fat, the cholesterol levels are actually known to come down. Some of the recommended source of poly-unsaturated fats include soybeans, pumpkin seeds, salmon, tuna, amongst others.

4. There is Only One Type of Fat:

Most of the people tend to incorrectly belief that fat is just of one type and that one type does a lot of harm to your body. However, this might not be always true. Various types of fats include polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. These are those types of fat which are actually healthy for your body and should be had regularly within the recommended quantity. On the other hand, the other type of fat is the saturated fat which should be avoided. This type of fat is stored as trans-fat and is harmful.

5. Saturated Fats and Trans Fat are Similar in Nature:

Although the trans fat is similar to the saturated fat in some aspects such as shelf life, etc. the chemical composition of these types of fats are totally different from one another. Trans fats are nothing but modified unsaturated fats. High pressure and a very high heat is involved when you get into the making of the trans fats. It is this trans fat that is mainly responsible for diseases that occur as a result of insulin resistance in your body, cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, amongst others. It is always recommended to check your Body mass index using BMI Calculator and BMI Chart.

6. Low fat Diet is the Best Diet for Human Beings:

Another common misconception that people tend to belief in is that a diet which is low in fat is the one that is best for human beings. However, the same might not be true and optimal. There are a few studies which provide enough evidence that if you have food that is low in fat might result in poor health or medical issues.

7. Processed Seed and Vegetable Oils Are Healthy:

It is a common misconception among human beings that all kind of processed oils are good for your health. However, the same might not be true. Some of these oils are really high in omega-6 fatty acids which do a lot of harm to your body. If had in excess quantity, these oils can actually lead to various types of ailments including inflammation.

Thus, the next time you read about the above-mentioned myths, make no mistake and belief them to be true. You should be really careful and keep yourself away from the myths mentioned above. Also we would like to recommend following posts on The relation of Water and weight loss and Surprising benefits of walking if you really care about your body.

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